C++ Programming Language Modular Course Syllabus
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  • Introduction: c++ is a fundamental course for candidates willing to make their careers in software field. C++ covers basics of object oriented programming . After completing c++ candidates are able to learn advance object oriented languages like java and .net .

  • .Course Duration: 40.5 Hours

  • Objective :

      • To develop programming abilities of candidate using fundamental concepts of c++ programming language.

      • .To understand basic object orientated programming language to learn advanced concepts.

  • Eligibility : Knowledge of C

Chapter 1: Object oriented programming
Lesson 1 : Basic concept of object oriented programming

Chapter 2: Basic program with c++
Lesson 1 : What is c++ ,simple c++ program, if else, nested if else

Chapter 3: Tokens Expression and control structure
Lesson 1 : Introduction Tokens keywords ,Identifiers ,constants
Lesson 2 : basic data type user define data type, declaration of variable, dynamic initialization of variable, reference variable
Lesson 3 : operators in c++ scope resolution operator

Chapter 4: Function in c++
Lesson 1 : Introduction main function, function prototyping
Lesson 2 : inline function ,default argument ,recursion
Lesson 3 : function overloading friend and virtual function

Chapter 5: Class and object
Lesson 1 : Introduction, specifying a class definition of member function
Lesson 2 : private member function, static member function,
Lesson 3 : array within class, static data members.

Chapter 6: Constructor and destructor
Lesson 1 : Introduction Constructor ,parameterized constructor
Lesson 2 : Multiple constructor in classes,
Constructor with default argument
Lesson 3:Copy constructor, destructors

Chapter 7: Operator overloading
Lesson 1 : Introduction, definition of operator overloading,
Lesson 2 : Overloading unary operator, overloading binary using friend.

Chapter 8: Inheritance
Lesson 1 : Introduction, Definition of derived classes, Single inheritance, Multiple inheritance
Lesson 2 : Multilevel inheritance, Hierarchical inheritance; Hybrid inheritance,
Lesson 3 : virtual base class and Abstract classes

Chapter 9: Pointers, virtual function and polymorphism
Lesson 1 : Pointers ,virtual function and pure virtual function

Chapter 10: Working with files
Lesson 1 : Introduction, Classes for file stream operator
Lesson 2 : Opening and closing a file, Sequential input and output operation

Chapter 10: Template
Lesson 1 : Introduction Classes template
Lesson 2 : Classes template with multiple parameters Function template